SELCAL codes do not transfer when an aircraft is sold. They remain with the original registrant for use only in the areas of registration. SELCAL code utilization is verified annually. Please notify the SELCAL Registrar of any mailing address changes.

SELCAL 32 Update: As noted in previous SELCAL 32 documentation, SELCAL 32 was scheduled for full implementation on the 3rd of November 2022. However, due to delays experienced because of the COVID pandemic and an effort to ensure ANSPs and CSPs worldwide are sufficiently equipped, ASRI has delayed the issuance of SELCAL 32 codes to aircraft operators until the 1st of April 2023.  ASRI will provide updates in early 2023 on when and how new SELCAL 32 codes can be ordered. 

For further information regarding this process, please contact the SELCAL Registrar at [email protected].

Payment via PayPal is now required in advance.

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