ASRI® FCC License Assistance

ASRI is the FCC designated licensee that is authorized to coordinate VHF Aeronautical Enroute spectrum on behalf of eligible entities seeking authority to operate on a frequency assignment in the frequency bands 128.825 to 132.000 and 136.500 to 136.975 MHz. in the furtherance of their aviation business.

In addition to providing this valuable service, ASRI can assist with FCC licensing and compliance with regulatory requirements for other radio systems and services. These radio services and systems include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Aeronautical Advisory Stations (Unicom)
  2. Aviation Support Stations
  3. Aeronautical Utility Mobile Stations
  4. Remote Access Radio Systems (RCO, GCO, ARRAS, etc.)
  5. Industrial Business Radio Systems
  6. Microwave Links
  7. Public Safety Radio Systems

For a flat Time and Materials rate competitive with the rates of other licensing assistance firms in the market today, ASRI will prepare and file:

  • New license applications
  • Modifications of existing licenses
  • License Coordination
  • License renewals
  • FAA/FCC tower registrations
  • FAA form 7460s
  • Special Temporary Licenses
  • Construction notifications/Schedule K’s
  • Waivers and justifications
  • Assignments of authorization and transfers of control
  • Other licensing service applications upon request

For more information, specific requests or to get answers to your questions, please call +1-410-266-6030.

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