If you are experiencing interference on your ASRI licensed frequency, it is important to report it to ASRI as soon as possible by submitting a Ground Station Interference Report.

All instances of interference should be reported.  Please complete a separate form to report each instance of interference.

In order to investigate your interference problem, the following information is required:

  • Contact information for the person submitting the report
  • Name and contact information for the licensee
  • Description and location of the affected site, including:
    • FCC call sign
    • Frequency
    • Transmitter address
    • City
    • State
    • Coordinates
    • Physical location of the radio
    • Physical location of the antenna
  • Description of the interference—duration and type

ASRI will coordinate with you to investigate the interference, attempt to identify the probable cause(s), and determine corrective actions. We will inform you (and any other affected parties) of our findings and work with you to implement corrective actions as needed.  We will continue follow-ups until your interference issue has been resolved.