• New/Transfer SELCAL 12/16 code assignment…………$270 USD
  • Exchange SELCAL 12/16 code previously assigned…$270 USD (for example: AB-CD to CD-AB)
  • New/Transfer SELCAL 32 code assignment………………$220 USD
  • Exchange SELCAL 32 code previously assigned………$220 USD (for example: AB-CD to CD-AB)


  • Change in Customer Contact Information (address, phone #, e-mail or any other contact information).
  • Removal of a SELCAL code from an aircraft and then deletion of that code from the SELCAL Registrar.
  • Cancellation of all SELCAL Codes and remove the user from the SELCAL Database.
  • Change in aircraft registration number associated with a previously assigned SELCAL code provided that the SELCAL code is already assigned to the same company as recorded in the SELCAL Registrar.
  • Change in areas of aircraft operation.

SELCAL Assignment: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question #1: I just purchased a used aircraft and I’d like to keep the existing SELCAL code already installed in the aircraft. How much is the SELCAL processing fee?

Answer: The fee is the standard SELCAL processing charge as noted above. In addition, you should also determine if the previous operator plans to continue use of the same SELCAL code on other aircraft. SELCAL codes do not automatically transfer with an aircraft when it is sold. ASRI may need to assign you a new SELCAL code.

Question #2: What if I have problems with a SELCAL code due to technical difficulties or because of sharing with another SELCAL user?

Answer: Please contact ASRI to discuss options to modify your SELCAL code.


1. ASRI cannot assign a SELCAL code until the SELCAL processing charge has been fully paid.

2. For transfers of more than 50 SELCAL codes, please contact ASRI to discuss bulk transfer fees.