About ASRI®

Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc. (ASRI) is responsible for managing the Aeronautical Enroute Spectrum (AES) in the United States. This service includes both the Very High Frequency spectrum (128.825-132.00 and 136.500-136.975 MHz), and the aeronautical High Frequency spectrum (multiple bands between 2-22 MHz).  Frequencies assigned in this protected aeronautical safety spectrum are used by aircraft operators and controllers for the safety and regularity of flight.

Management of these spectrum resources includes coordinating and licensing of over 5000 aviation ground stations across the United States, plus additional aviation and non-aviation licenses internationally.  Owned by the aviation users of the United States, ASRI’s frequency management functions have been providing assurance and safety for all aviation radio users since 1929.

To supports its work, ASRI provides staff assistance to the Aeronautical Frequency Committee (AFC).  The AFC is a representative aviation industry committee that develops and recommends policy regarding international and domestic aviation spectrum.  This enables ASRI to represent these positions at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) spectrum committees.  ASRI also works closely with the FCC and FAA in formulation of U.S. positions for the ITU World Radio Conference (WRC).

Additionally, ASRI has been nominated by ICAO as the official Selective Calling (SELCAL) Registrar.  This includes responsibility for the worldwide assignment of all SELCAL codes and management of the SELCAL database containing over 30,000 SELCAL assignments and growing.

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